Click Here for 2019-2020 Schedule: dance schedule 2019-2020 REVISED

Please call Miss Janice at 860-667-1334 or email for more information regarding the schedule!




**PLEASE NOTE: Schedule may be adjusted to accommodate enrollment in September. If you would like to schedule a one-on-one personal fitness session please contact Miss Amy Marie Nesbitt, Director of Yoga & Fitness, at 860-212-4816 or!**


2 thoughts on “Class Schedule”

  1. Hello! I am interested in the beginning contemporary class for
    My daughter (Monday’s). Can you let me know the pricing for this class and when it begins? Thank you

  2. hello there! classes start the week of September 3rd and are $65 per month. Feel free to stop in Monday evening, we will be there for additional registration hours if you would like to see the studio space. You can also email us at

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